We want Effort Consulting to be a relevant source of knowledge for anyone who wants to run a business in a long-term and sustainable way. We want to offer seminars, articles, guides and research that are valuable to you in your work. This means that we need to be able to contact you.

Through out our website there are forms where you can fill in your contact information to download content, to receive invitations or register for a training or seminar. We collect this information in order to reach out to you with information we think you will benefit from. The intention is to help you succeed at your job and develop a more sustainable business. From that we all benefit! The purpose is also, as you certainly understand, to establish a sense of trust in Effort, so that it is natural to come to us when the need for consultancy support occurs. That’s it. We will never use your data or try to benefit from it in any other ways than these two.

When you share your contact information with us, we see it as a confidence and we take it seriously. Therefore:

  • We are careful to follow the laws and regulations that apply, such as GDPR.
  • We do not collect any information without your consent.
  • We do not gather more information than we need.
  • We do not save your data longer than necessary.
  • We do not sell your information to any third party.
  • We only use systems that meet applicable control and security requirements.
  • You can always ask to see your information.
  • You can always have your data deleted and and be forgotten.

For requests, questions or comments, contact our Data Protection Officer via info@effort.se.