Sustainability isn’t a solo project

So don’t let it become one! With sustainability being the starting point of your decisions, you’ll achieve better results.

Management and sustainability consultants in Gothenburg

What is Sustainability?

A sustainable organization is – by our definition – one that is sustainable in all areas and aspects. The goal is a successful and responsible company which is sustainable long-term for both its clients, staff and for the environment.

Why Sustainability?

As management consultants focused towards sustainability we see how measured, long-term development which balances stakeholder’s needs creates concrete business value. At the same time, it helps create robust and attractive organizations.

Professional training and courses

Our trainings and courses are an efficient way for you and your colleagues to gain knowledge in areas such as work environment, certification, requirements- and quality management, strategy and sustainability.

Our services

Status Analysis

Often a collaboration with us is driven by a pronounced client need. It can be high indicators of poor health, large discards or rejections or demands by customers. By analyzing your current situation through a Status Analysis, we can together form a plan of action for your organization’s development.

Strategic & Operational Support

With the right strategic support, you’ll gain relevant tools which allow you to strengthen your own abilities. We also offer continuous operational support which adds practical experience and extra resources to your organizational change.

Inspiration & Training

Our trainings and courses are a combination of practical exercises and theoretical reviews. We offer both tailor-made and open trainings and courses. Education and seminars are, more often than not, included as part of our consulting services.

Action Research

When conducting Action Research, we identify your organization’s most important questions. Simultaneously, we conduct internal process development where we achieve results and develop unique knowledge for the benefit of society.

What do our clients say?

We work with clients of varied sizes and in different industries, both within the public and private sector.

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