Sustainability isn’t a solo project

So don’t let it become one! With sustainability being the starting point of your decisions, you’ll achieve better results.

Management and sustainability consultants in Gothenburg

What is Sustainability?

A sustainable organization is – by our definition – one that is sustainable in all areas and aspects. The goal is a successful and responsible company which is sustainable long-term for both its clients, staff and for the environment.

Why Sustainability?

As management consultants focused towards sustainability we see how measured, long-term development which balances stakeholder’s needs creates concrete business value. At the same time, it helps create robust and attractive organizations.

Professional training and courses

Our trainings and courses are an efficient way for you and your colleagues to gain knowledge in areas such as work environment, certification, requirements- and quality management, strategy and sustainability.

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The meaning and scope of sustainability is totally clear to some. For others it is not so clear, it is a bit fuzzy. If so, you take a risk and you can miss opportunities. Are you fully aware of the meaning and scope of sustainability in your business, and in your specific business model?

Process development

Every organization has its unique set of processes producing results and effects for a group of stakeholders. Are your understanding sufficient of these processes functionality and interaction? Are you developing them to meet future challenges?

Change management

A clear view of targets is good to have, but decisions and mobilized employees with the right resources are required to drive the work in the right direction. It's about leading the change until the goal is met. Smart and efficient.

Quality, environment and work environment

All organizations need to balance a variety of important issues. Time is rarely enough to take in all perspectives. Working methods that integrate quality, environment and work environment with its core business simplify the balancing and progress.

ISO certification

ISO standards ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for the environment and ISO 45001 for the working environment have well-designed requirements that can stimulate development. An ISO certification shows your stakeholders that you are in control and work actively to improve.

What do our clients say?

We work with clients of varied sizes and in different industries, both within the public and private sector.

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